Chickenlord’s Review: Red Dead Redemption

June 3, 2010

First off i’d like to warn that in my writing there may be spoilers and i’m almost definite (although im not gunna say) that i might give away the ending so…you’ve been warned.

Ok, the game in itself is great, the mechanics, the atmosphere, the look of the setting. It’s all great! I can’t really think of another way of making it better. It’s got all the goodness of GTA combat, UI, and personality, with a western setting.

But the issue i have with it is the story. Don’t get me wrong, it is an entertaining story. Its filled with bad ass cowboy vengeance moments and creative and funny characters. But The story doesn’t have a sense of… something i just can’t put my finger on. It seemed like it didn’t know when to end. Like they finished a series of books and at the last few pages started introduced a few new characters with no back story other then they knew the main character. Then at the end they change the main character and end the story!

Ok, i’d really like to talk about this so im just gunna. The story wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. They could have made it much better. The character could have had an emotional attachment to the man he was suppose to kill, or maybe the person he was suppose to kill murdered his family and had wanted to deliver sweet sweet revenge. It seemed like the main character was kind of neutral to everything in the main story. The characters that your introduced to be reoccurring characters as well. The favorites should have come back either close to or at the end of the last boss fight to save the hero from a sticky situation. Then the hero could have his glory and ride off into the horizon.

All i can say is…finish all the side missions before you finish the last mission of the main story…cause the end game is no where as kool as it is with the regular main character…

I might check out multi-player as well if there is any differences then i might write about it… until the next game/news related to me…see ya!


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