Poke’news: 5th Gen starters

May 14, 2010

Big stuff this week, we got names and info on the 3 starter pokemon in the new Pokemon Black & White and a little more.

1. the new grass type starter. It’s japanese name is Tsutaja, its English name is not yet know.

Grass Snake pokemon

As you can see its a grass “Snake” pokemon… i passed biology and im pretty sure snakes don’t have limbs…but…i guess it would be unoriginal to just call it a grass lizard… maybe in japan they have snakes that have legs…

2. the Fire type starter. Its Japanese name is Pokabu.

Fire Pig

This one I don’t mind, really more original then the “grass snake”. This one i will probably choose because since its a pig im assuming it’ll have tusks when it evolves which is awesome! i just hope they dont make it bi-pedal…

3. And last of them is the water type. Japanese name Mijumaru.

Sea Otter

Since gen 2 the water types have gotten progressively cuter…its sickening… How am i suppose to take it seriously… the water types are pretty much made for girls… None can compare to the slickness of squirtle with his pimp glasses! At first glance of this i thought it was another panguin…too cute!

last off the new region is name isshu and the main characters are older then before.


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