Marvel’s Plan Post-Avengers

April 22, 2010

Marvel’s going small after the team-up epic and not just with Ant-Man.

Marvel is currently working on planning for their post Avengers film line up, and is considering taking son third tier characters and making lower budget films based on them. Characters under consideration include Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, Power Pack, Dazzler, and Ka-Zar. Marvel plans to make these films for between 20 and 40 million dollars.

Marvel could run into trouble with these plans though. Dazzler is a mutant and the film rights to that character may belong to Fox for the time being. I don’t know which characters Fox has rights over and which they don’t, but Dazzler was cut from X-Men 3. And Fox may not want to play in this shared universe if they do have the rights, they wouldn’t even let the Fantastic Four and X-Men films cross-over and they do both franchises. And I can’t even fathom how a Dr. Strange film can be made for that amount of money.



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