Poke’News!: 5th gen

April 10, 2010

Its not much but they announced the new games will be coming out in japan this fall, fall 2010, this year… anyway, so they are finally being more basic with the names. The supposed last pokemon generation will be called “Black and White”. Pretty kool titles in my opinion at least it isnt pokemon Maroon and Turquoise. It is going to be released on the DS (not the 3DS) so dont expect to see pokemon flying out at you just yet.

now away from the news, with this new title i would expect a little bit more creativity, is it so much to ask for some inovasion in the pokemon series, a change, im talking about completely different gameplay! it can be done i think! the walking around part is fine that i dont mind, but what if they introduced moving the camera…a true 3D environment, who else wants to see the back of a poke’ center?! its not much but still something i want to do!

i also think they should move away from turn based fighting, i think it would be a lot more fun (not that it isnt fun) but would add some excitement, some strategy to the game itself…just a thought(that i want to be in reality!!).

one more thing concerning the story, this isnt really relevant to any of the news but the titles remind me of old TV, which leads me to olden times, which leads me to think, they should make a pokemon game were its before any of the story, before this fancy technology like they have now with flashing lights and stuff. Im thinking of like in the 4th movie and prof. oak had a wind up pokeball, stuff like that, they can still add new pokemon, but make the setting different, instead of modern street lamps make them candle lit, people wearing old fashion funny cloths instead of the futuristic funny cloths…

well that’s about it for the pokenews for today, i’ve also heard rumor that something going to come up tomorrow if something does i’ll keep ya posted.

if you the reader have any ideas, opinions, or thoughts of your own about pokemon, what pokemon should change, or just to disagree with my opinions, post a comment!


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