Captain America and Green Lantern Recast!

April 1, 2010

Both Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds have had one too many disagreements with the studios and both their roles have  been recast, with Nathan Fillion taking over both.

That’s right, the awesome actor, Nathan Fillion has been cast as Hal Jordan and Steve Rodgers. Nathan Fillion was a fan favorite to play Hal Jordan before Reynolds was cast in the role.Evans had just won the role last week and has already lost it due to negative reaction from the fans and disputes over the Cap script. The disagreements over the script involved it being way to different than the Fantastic Four films Evans also starred in.

SOURCE: Varience Reporter


One Response to “Captain America and Green Lantern Recast!”

  1. Speff Says:

    That’s just…evil. Really, seriously, deeply evil. May you all suffer cooties for ever.

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