Geek News for Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 25, 2010

Possible Caps, Supes’ writer, and Flash Gordon isn’t campy in today’s geek news.


David S. Goyer is writing the Superman Reboot according to Latino Review. They also said that the reboot will be titled The Man of Steel, it will not be an origin story,  Brainiac and Lex Luthor will be featured, and the Daily Planet will be in financial trouble.

Marvel’s top contenders for Captain America have been released. They John Krasinski (Jim on The Office), Michael Cassidy (Grant Gabriel on Smallville), Patrick Flueger (Shawn on The 4400), Scott Porter (Jason on Friday Night Lights), and Mike Vogel (Jason in Cloverfield). (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Breck Eisner, director of The Crazies of the Flash Gordon reboot, told Collider in an interview that the new Flash Gordon will not be campy like the ‘50s serials and the 1980 film.


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