Chickenlord’s Review of Bioshock 2!

February 17, 2010

Well as you may have heard from any other reviews on the inter-webs, Bioshock 2 isn’t as good of a game as its predecessor. Yes the look and feel of it is still Rapture( the beloved vacation spot we all wish to go to for a weekend) But the game had so much more potential then it delivered.

The one thing that throws you off of the game is the story. It’s a bit lack luster and needs a bit of high-tuning and plot twists. Yeah the big sisters are kool, but their back story is extremely disappointing in my opinion… Spoiler Alert… it turns out that, even if they were designed to have armor that looks custom designed from spare parts found among Rapture, turns out the armor was made from some scientist…i would think the big sisters were kind of a second rogue enemy you had to deal with on top of dealing with the cult made from Sophia Lamb, but turns out they’re just controlled by lamb like everything else =/ .  Also something about big sisters, i remember reading quite a bit about it and… i had the assumtion that their was going to be a “leader” of the big sisters ( AKA: “The” Big sister) a super tough, super powered, kick arse final boss that turns out to be your little sister you’ve been trying to save all this time. But sadly this is just a dream made up by me =( there is a character kinda like that but not entirely, your little sister just becomes A big sister by puting on a suit, no mutatedness under those scary diving helmets, just regular people =/.

Anyway, away from the disappointing parts of the game, lets get into the improvements.  First and foremost,  dual wielding weapons and plasmids at once, a feature that i think should have been in the first one. I think they should have marketed more on this feature…i hadn’t even known about it till i had the box in my hands =P.  Second, the new hacking system, they improved the hacking mini game so much! its now quicker and easier then ever! Instead of a liquid puzzle mini game like the first they’ve changed it too…well i guess a…i can’t explain it but…its much better! Third, the damn vendy machines no longer have those annoying little music things(you’ve who’ve played the first one understand what i mean)!

Next is the multiplayer, its multiplayer is fun, throwing you into the world of Rapture during the civil war that tore down the city. Now if you knew me, you would know that i’m not that big into the hardcore playing halo multiplayer for 6 hours a day or even playing it for an hour a day, multiplayer just seems too frustrating for me. But i might just play this for a while, it isn’t going to be the next halo or modern warfare but its still fun and competitive enough.

All aside i can honestly say this game was good, although it doesn’t surpass bioshock 1’s story i’ll give it a 4 out of 5 !  until next time, this is a chickenlord review i’ll see ya when pokemon heart gold and soul silver comes out!


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  1. Armando Maez Says:

    Thanks for this well-written review

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