How To: Save Flash Games

February 9, 2010

So your favorite flash game website are blocked at work or school. Now we just can’t have that can we? So why not just take your favorite flash games with you everywhere you go. So let’s put your favorite flash games on your thumb drive.

Please note that this guide was written for Firefox, but the same steps should work for every browser

1. Choose a Flash Game. This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Find the Flash game you want to download and go to it, as if you were going to play it online.

2. Go up to your Menu Bar and click "File", and then "Save As." The Save As dialog box should now be open. Save the game in any folder you’d like, and follow that by naming the file what ever you want, I suggest the name of the game you are saving, and click "Save".

3. Now if you navigate to the folder you save the game in you should see both a folder and a HTML document(called Firefox Document if your default is Firefox). If you double click on the HTML document, the game should open in your default browser. The folder contains all the information for the HTML document so DO NOT delete the folder.

4. Now if you have yet to put to game on your thumb drive, just copy and paste the HTML document and the folder to your thumb drive.


One Response to “How To: Save Flash Games”

  1. well in firefox there is another easy way…
    open the page containing the game you want to download. Right Click anywhere on text. Go to “View Page Info”, then go to Media tab. There you will see list of files, download the one with type as “Embed” and file name ending with “.swf”. Thats your game file…
    Its better to play your favourite flash game standalone in swf format since it also dosn’t drop framerate… in browser framerate drops sometimes depending both on browser and swf file.

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