Geek News for Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010

Daredevil, Merlin, Patrick Stewart, and more in today’s geek news.



Patrick Stewart has said that he is interested in making an appearance in a future Star Trek film. (via Trek Movie)

The inevitable Daredevil reboot is moving ahead at Fox. David Scarpa, who wrote The Day the Earth Stood Still remake, has been hired to write the reboot. (via Deadline Hollywood)



Parks and Recreation has been given an early pick up by NBC for next season. NBC’s other Thursday night comedies;The Office, Community, 30 Rock; all have higher ratings than Parks and Recreation, so the chances are pretty good that they will also get the pick up. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Merlin is moving from NBC to SyFy when the show returns to the US. SyFy will start airing the series from the beginning starting in April. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

David S. Goyer, Showrunner on FlashForward, has left the show. (via The Hollywood Reporter)


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