The Last Airbender Update

January 27, 2010

I know what your thinking, "OMG, Chickenlord has finally posted something?!" Well something has come up that brings up a good topic for me to write an article about. On their Facebook page, "The Last Airbender" has released 2 new posters of the upcoming film coming out July 2.

If you don’t know "The Last Airbender" was originally a cartoon on Nickelodeon, but it was called "Avatar: The Last Airbender," which if you haven’t noticed would have been the title of the film if it weren’t for that…other…movie, all I’m going to say about it. The cartoon ran for 3 seasons starting in 2005.

The film adaptation is to be based off of the first season, also referred to as "Book 1", and is directed by M. Night Shyamalan"-a ding-dong". The filming started in march of 2009, and ended in June. Unfortunately (here is where i bring in my opinion), I’m sorry to say but he is also messing up the movie…already…I could go on with its many problems, and i will!

First off, he messed up Aang’s(the main protagonist) Arrow on his forehead! It should be solid light blue,unlike this:


Second, the races. If you follow the film you probably have seen a lot of negativity toward the casting and its all right. Fire Nation shouldn’t be Indian, they should be white/asian, this is because well…Fire Nation = evil, through out history whiteys = evil! and thats not even the main reason, it would also make more sense if they were Asian. If you’ve watched the anime(yes, I’m calling it anime) then you would notice that fire nation architecture is distinctly Asian(curly roofs, bamboo walls) .       Next, Sokka & Katara were cast as the whitest kids alive! (Sokka) (Katara)  which if you havent noticed should be Inuit! …Eskimos!  Now your probably thinking im also going to complain about aangs race, no… i’m actually fine with aang being a whitey… don’t know why but he always seemed like a whitey. I’m also all for the earth nation being asian! at least they got that one right !

  1. Third, Zuko’s scar… i’ve seen a close up to it and…not that iconic…or even noticeable…
  2. Fourth, the neation flags… new ones,  heres how the old ones looked…the new one not so  much
  3. Aangs costume… i won’t mind if he keeps his hood on like in the teaser trailer but… this picture scares me…it looks like hes wearing a jump suit…i dont want it! >.-

ok, i’ve stated a few of my opinions, now to the real point of the post… the new posters they released for the film, are very…lack luster, or at least don’t look as good as i think they should heres a link to the posters i think it should really put more emphasis on aangs arrows & glowing avatar goodness & Zuko’s scar and his anger of the world…so mainly

throw in a logo, make it life action and you got a poster i can be happy with!

Anyway, i think I’ve stated everything i wanted to say, if anyone reads this thanks for reading!


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