Joe the Barbarian #1

January 25, 2010

SCAN0001 This is the best comic I’ve read in a while.

Let’s get the story out of the way. Joe Manson has Type A diabetes, his father was a casualty of the Iraq War, his mother is losing their home, and he is a outsider at school. After returning home after a field trip to the Veteran’s Cemetery, Joe is transported to another world where his toys are alive, everything from teddy bears, to batman and robin, to Transformers. Is this world real or fantasy due to a lack of insulin? Now, its Grant Morrison, he’s a great story teller, of course the story is excellent, but the art is equally good, if not better.

Sean Murphy’s art is spectacular. I don’t believe i have ever read a comic before that Murphy did art for, but I can tell you his name on something from now on. will have me interested immediately. The art fits the story almost perfectly and is used very cinematically at points. For example, towards the middle of the book there are 3 totally silent pages, no dialogue at all, just showing you Joe’s house.

joedouble Or the two page spread, where Joe’s sitting across from his fathers grave and says, “Hey, Dad. You suck.” The art just gives you this feeling of loneliness and isolation that helps you understand what Joe is going through.

Bottom line, this issue blew me away. There’s no other way to say it. Everyone should go to there local comic shop right now and pick up this issue. Its only $1 and you’ll get way more than your money’s worth.


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  1. Hi, I thought I’d post and inform you that your blogs layout is really screwed up on the Firefox browser. Seems to work fine on IE though. Anyways keep up the great work.

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