Halo Legends

December 30, 2009

If you have an Xbox360, your a Halo fan, I’ll be surprised if you haven’t heard about this yet. For all of you anime and Halo fans out there you can finally all be united with Halo Legends, an anime about Halo!

The show does not focus one one story, it seems to bring you all-around the world of Halo. From stories of the infamous 105th, to back story of the Arbiter, and stories of the war the Spartans went through.

It’s however, very hard to tell the difference between what’s computer-animated, drawn, or gameplay which gets me thinking what’s gonna come out after Halo: Reach. If you want even more back-story as the show already gives you, I would recommend reading the book, Halo: The Fall Of Reach. I know I’m someone who likes lots of back-story and dialogue put into my video-games, to make it similar to a movie and keep you interested in the gameplay if you are one of those people, I would recommend checking out the show and the book.


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