Jake’s Review of Avatar

December 21, 2009

I have no idea how or why, but I managed to avoid the hype on this film. Everyone else on the internets, were joyously awaiting this movie while I just didn’t really care. And you know what, even now after seeing it I still don’t care.

First off there is no other way to start this out, than the film is beautiful. There are points in this movie where I know I was looking at CGI, but it didn’t look like it. The Na’vi are very realistic looking, and will still look great in 10, 15, even 20 years.

But, while the film looks brilliant, the story is very simple and easily predictable. It almost feels as though they put so much time into the effects and getting them to look perfect that they forgot all about the story. It is a fun and enjoyable story though and can see what Spielberg meant.

If you didn’t hear, late last week, many sites run with a quote from Steven Spielberg in which he said that Avatar was the greatest Sci-fi movie since the original Star Wars and I can kinda of see where he’s coming from. If you go back and watch the original Star Wars, you’ll see that while the effects are spectacular, the story is quite predictable. Now once you get in to Empire and Jedi that changes, but the story is very predictable.  So if Avatar does get the sequels that James Cameron wants to make, hopefully they will be like Empire and Jedi.

To sum it up, Avatar is a beautiful film with a predictable but fun story. I give Avatar a 3.5/5.


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