V Tonight-There Is No Normal Anymore

November 10, 2009

Erica and Father Jack, having quickly determined they’re both against the arrival of the Visitors, suddenly find themselves being tracked by a “Seeker” from the Vs. Meanwhile Chad, thinking he blew it for 80 million viewers with his exclusive first interview with Anna, looks to pick himself up and so becomes more investigative in his next newscast; and Dale Maddox’s (Alan Tudyk) wife and law enforcement begin questioning Erica about his whereabouts, on “V,” TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), on ABC. “V” stars Elizabeth Mitchell as Erica Evans, Morris Chestnut as Ryan Nichols, Joel Gretsch as Father Jack, Lourdes Benedicto as Valerie, Logan Huffman as Tyler Evans, Laura Vandervoort as Lisa, with Morena Baccarin as Anna, and Scott Wolf as Chad Decker. Guest cast: Alan Tudyk as Dale Maddox, Rekha Sharma as Sarita Malik, Britt Irvin as Haley, Scott Hylands as Father Travis, Christopher Shyer as Marcus, Jesse Wheeler as Brandon, Roark Critchlow as Paul Kendrick. “There Is No Normal Anymore” was written by Scott Peters & Sam Egan and directed by Yves Simoneau.

Official description from VisitorSite.Net, head over there for the latest update on the new series.

There Is No Normal Anymore airs tonight at 8:00 pm eastern, 7 pm central, on ABC.


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