Chickenlord’s Review of Brutal Legend! \,,/

October 20, 2009

When I first heard about this game(about a year ago) I was supper stoked! The idea of all these iconic great musician’s voices in a video game instantly looked awesome. You play the best roadie in the world whos been transported by the metal god to a distant past of metal!

You wield a mighty battle axe & a guitar that blows shit up! There are button combos for the axe, and for the “axe” theres a little mini-game (sorta like a mini guitar hero level) called solos were you match up the buttons it tells you to hit. You use this to summon your car or to melt some FUCKIN’ FACES!!! Throughout the game you’ll run into Motor Forges, were Ozzy can sell you upgrades for your car, axe, moves, and guitar.  The look and atmosphere of the game is really what sets it apart from the others. With stunning statues of rock gods, hands giving the devil horns protruding from the ground,  giant hot rod part scattered across the land, a cliff made of amps! And what is an epic location without a variety of monsters to inhabit it, spikes and sharp teeth galore, giant “Kiss” cats(that have kiss makeup on), birds with scythes for legs, steel porcupines, carnivorous deer, and much more.

From the first look of the game it looks like just another platformer, which it kinda is, but it has hints of an RTS. With 20-30% of the game in a sequence were you make merchandise stands over “fans” coming from the Earth and have to destroy the opposing teams stage (which is what the multi-player game is).  Along with having a base and getting resources you also have the control of 40 units to fight for you, like the head bangers, the bouncers and much more. With all the celebs in the game, I was disappointed to find out Dio wouldn’t be in it =,( but Lemmy fills in for that. Jack Black was great, and from the ending I’m hoping for the sequel.

I give it a 5/5!


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