Geek News for Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

Green Lantern in Mexico, a Phantom, buy a Terminator and more in today’s geek news.


Hal Jordan (image from Eat Sleep Geek)

Hal Jordan (image from Eat Sleep Geek)

The live action Green Lantern film may not be filming in Australia any more. According to Inside Film the adaptation may be moving to Mexico to film for budgetary reasons.

Arnold as the T-800 (image from Digital Journal)

Arnold as the T-800 (image from Digital Journal)

Have a couple of million dollars lying around? Then why not buy the Terminator franchise. Yes, according to The Los Angeles Times the rights to the Terminator franchise is again up for sale.

Columbia Pictures has bought the rights for the spec script Supermax. The film’s plot according to The Hollywood Reporter is:

The spec is an action horror tale set in a maximum-security prison for the supernatural. The story centers on a skilled prison guard who is re-assigned to Supermax. After a riot erupts, he must join forces with one of the prison’s monstrous inmates in order to survive and fight his way out.

This film has nothing to do with the Green Arrow film that Warner Bros. has been developing for a few years now that was at one time called Supermax and  has Green Arrow thrown in a maximum security prison for supervillians and then joins forces with the supervillans to escape. Nope nothing at all.


A trailer for the upcoming Syfy miniseries, The Phantom, has been released.

A clip from this Friday’s upcoming episode of Smallville, entitled “Metallo,” has been released.


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