Geek News for Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8, 2009

The Tolkiens and New Line kiss and make up, Resident Evil Begins, the Mexican police have Sony, and more in today’s geek news.


The Poster for the original Resident Evil film (image from Cinemagora)

The Poster for the original Resident Evil film (image from Cinemagora)

It seems that Sony may want to reboot the Resident Evil film franchise, after the upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife. The reboot is currently has the title of Resident Evil Begins. (via Bloody Disgusting)

The cover to The Hobbit (image from Info Addict)

The cover to The Hobbit (image from Info Addict)

The Tolkien Estate and New Line Cinema have settled their differences, how New Line may or may not have not given them all the money they were supposed to have for The Lord of the Rings trilogy which is reported to be $150 million, allowing New Line to continue the franchise with the Hobbit. The settlement has not been released to the public. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

A new trailer for The Box has been released.


A new trailer for the new season of Supernatural has been released

The episodes of the new season of Smallville have changed order, so head over to Kryptonsite and check out the new episode order, but be warned there are spoilers for the new season.


Alejandro Fernandez (photo from MyPlay)

Alejandro Fernandez (photo from MyPlay)

Sony’s getting in trouble down in Mexico apparently. Mexican police raided Sony Music Entertainment Mexico for making unauthorized CDs of Alejandro Fernandez. Fernandez was signed by SMEM until last year when he fulfilled his 7 record commitment with the label, at which point he signed with Universal Music, but Sony then announced an 8th album by the artist using tracks recorded for past records that were cut. This prompted Fernandez and Universal to bring a lawsuit against Sony, as Fernandez seemingly owns the rights to the unreleased material. So basically, what you should be taking in here, is that Sony is being sued for piracy and that, my friends, is hilarious. (via Daily Tech)


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