In depth: World of Warcraft Cataclysm

August 23, 2009

Ah yes…World of Warcrack has pulled me back into it’s grasps, and i gotta say i am more excited then a crack head that found out they made a new flavor of crack!

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm was revealed and it looks amazing! With this new expansion of the WoW universe they are bring a lot of stuff too the table. First off, which is one of the bigger things to come they are going to change the first 2 continents…FOREVER! ( Eastern Kingdoms & Kalimdor) and by change i mean almost entirely different terrain, barrens is split in half, darkshore is flooded, thousand needle i believe is a lush green area. Think of it this way, in this expansion they’re giving us 2 continents other then just 1!

The next i think best thing to come from this expansion is the introduction of swimming mounts and the ability to FLY in AZEROTH! =D I’m assuming that the swimming mounts will be more or less like the turtle you can get by fishing in northrend. They have not yet said what level or what requirements it takes to fly in the areas, they also said their might be some places were u can’t fly. I’m assuming either in cities, or above/in enemy cities will be the exceptions.

The next big thing coming is the 2 new races, Goblins & Worgens. I and probably every other Wow player has been saying they should make goblins playable and it only took’ um about 5 years! The Worgens have excited me quite a bit! I can finally be a werewolf! and it is confirmed that you will be able to change from wolf to regular human by the click of a button, but in combat your always a wolf…but who the hell would want to be a human when you can be a fudgin’ werewolf?!


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