Chickenlord’s Review of District 9

August 16, 2009

When i first saw the trailer for this movie i was immediately excited. The film was all over a great movie, the acting was realistic, the story was amazing, and the special effects were stupendous. The film has the setting of what would really happen if we were in the same situation with alien refugees. And know people in this day and age we would be abusive and not accepting.
Now as good of a movie it was, it wouldn’t be a review if their wasn’t something to complain about, and the its fairly difficult thinking of what was wrong. But i have come to the conclusion that the main character was unrealistically happy the first half of the movie, he’s constantly smiling and has a slight unrealistic nervous chatter about him…that’s it…that’s all i can think of that’s wrong with it.
All through the movie except at the very end the main character was a dick to the aliens. even after his…predicament(not going to tell you) hes still a major dick head to the one alien helping him. like at one point after they get something from the government, he just wacks the alien in the face with a piece of wood…
The movie in short term was intense, keeps you on the edge of your seat, is he gunna die, isn’t he… this was probably the first movie i watched in a long time were i wasn’t sure if the good guy was gunna make it out alive. I can’t wait to watch it again =P !
one more thing i just gotta say, the aliens, though they are 10 feet tall and have weird crap-type mouths were un-naturally cute…i don’t know…it might be the eyes… anyway i highly recommend this movie! i was kinda disappointed that not a lot of people were at the 10:30 showing of it =/ hope it does well! i wanna see district 10, or district 9.1, or district 9-2 =P go see it…now!

i give this a 7 out of 5. GO SEE IT!


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