Heart Gold & Soul Silver Update 2!

August 8, 2009

Now there has been little news about it since my last post, none post worthy for me, but today…well yesterday serebii.net has posted some good info! Now if you don’t know serebii gets most of its info from a Japanese magazine called CoroCoro, if it is possible to get a subscription or a copy of this magazine in the states I would be all over it and tell you guys all of news! (first i need to learn Japanese first though =/ )

Now to the news! First of all (and this makes me extra happy) Kanto is back! thats right from what I got from serebii there will be 16 badges!!!!!! (don’t quote me on that cause i might be mistaken!) I have been waiting for another pokemon game to add the another area since ruby/sapphire/emerald disappointed me in not having the feature.

Second up, Apricorns! the berry type thing in gold and silver that grew around that an old man could make special pokeballs out of!

The following pokeballs have been confirmed.

Fast Ball : Captures Pokemon that flee easier

Happiness Ball : Increases happiness of captured Pokemon

Heavy Ball : Captures heavy Pokemon more easily. (like Snorlax or Whalmer amusingly)

Level Ball : Captures Lower level Pokemon ( not sure what this means exactly, perhaps lower level compared to how many badges you have)

Love Ball : Captures Pokemon of the opposite sex of your character I’m  assuming. (This one just kinda sounds dirty) [editor’s note: the love ball increases the chance of capture if the opposing Pokemon is the opposite sex of the POKEMON  you are currently using.]

Lure Ball : Captures Pokemon fished up with a fishing rod easier.

Moon Ball : Captures Pokemon that evolve with a moon stone. (now that they put this one up (im not sure if it was in the original or not) does this mean there will be a ball for every pokemon that evolves with any kind of stone?…curious)

Third up! This is feature was always one of my favorite parts of the old game. It’s confirmed that the National Park’s bug catching contest will return to the new version! If you don’t remember in the contest you are challenged to catch the best bug Pokemon you can find! (This was my favorite part cause i could catch my favorite Pokemon SYTHER!) You could also catch pokemon like pincer, Butterfree, and Venonat in it as well!

Forth up! Rayquaza will be catch-able but it will require Kyogre & Groudon to access the area were hes at or the story that reveals him. Oh and he’ ll be level 50 and its later in the game probably after u get 8 badges.

fifth up! The mystery egg is back but its not confirmed its Togebi (most likely it is, don’t worry =P )

And last but not least, If you remember in the original game there wasn’t a safari in the Johto region. Now there will be!

Sure to be more in the next few days i’ll keep ya updated!


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