Jake’s Review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

July 20, 2009

I can think of no other way to start this review out than saying that I loved the book. I can remember reading it in about a day and a half. I loved all the twists and turns that happen and loved the fast paced and emotional ending.

With all that being said, the film is a pretty good adaptation of the novel. Dumbledore’s funeral is not in the film, and I wish it was because that is one of my favorite scenes in the book. But the scene that was not in the film, that causes problems for the next film, is the battle at Hogwarts between the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters. In the film the Death Eaters are not opposed by any one in the school, and without the Order coming in to attempt to stop the Death Eaters, Bill doesn’t get bitten by a werewolf. That causes a problem for the seventh film, who’s plot I will not go into here.

Now originally this movie was to come out in November, but Warner Bros. delayed it do negative feedback from test audiences, who said that the film focused too much on the romance and not enough on the action.  Now one would think that when Warner Bros. delayed the release for about 8 months, give or take, and add more action to the movie. One would think. Now I did not see any of the test screening for the film, but I don’t think anything was added in those months because the majority of the film is the romance. Although I  do remember the relationships of the characters being a very big thing in the book, I feel that they should put in a bit more action because the plot dragged along at times.

But when all was said and done I did enjoy this movie and would highly recommend it if you are at all interested. I give Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a 4 out of 5.


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