Sims 3 Review

July 6, 2009

Check out this thrilling review of the new game from EA The Sims 3 by Chickenlord! The goods, The bads, all in this article. You want more, right? Well then, let’s get started.

The Good

I’ve been playing the sims games for a while now…well since sims 2 first came out and i gotta say sims 3 is an improvement in many aspects. They’ve made the game better looking and more user friendly, and all around more fun and innovative I’ve easily put in hundreds of hours into the building editor in Sims 2 and i can safely say i will put in even more into the sims 3. Now that items are not limited to the square foot of grid and multiple items can fit in one, items can be rotated  45° and every item can be what ever color you want. And now I will actually not be spending all my time making houses, now that skills are separate from each other (like painting and playing guitar) it gives you more goals to reach. Also with the new activists like fishing, collecting, and gardening you could spend hours just finding new fishing spots or looking for a new rare seed to plant.

The Bad

There are a few bad things about it, for one the lack of items…can a brotha get a damn hot tube in here or what?! Not only is there a lack of hot tubes but several other things as well, at least 2 less of everything in every category. And not only in the items(of course) in the customization of sims, there is noticeably less hair, cloths and accessories. Now I know that they are expanding the use of the online download-able content in this game, which might lead to less expansion packs in the future but you would probably save money with expansion packs anyway. But if your going to make a game i would at least put a little more stuff in the games, i did pay 40 bucks for the game (and 10 bucks for the 1000 sim-points they give you) and i expect there to be more fudgin content!!!! Next issue, the games lack of custom towns…i don’t want a set town i want to make a town up from scratch, make my own streets, my own trees, mountains, shops, ect… if u give me a town premade that everyone else has, it won’t feel like a custom experience, pfft i bet 10,000 people, met the Goth family, moved into their house and killed the other people except my own and took the house for them selves…so…there you go! my review of The Sims 3! i give it a 3.5 out of 5!


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