Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Update

June 18, 2009

Want to know what’s going on with Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, but don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, Chickenlord’s has an update.

From serebii.net new news about Heart Gold and Soul Silver!

First of all new Pics!!!

Second, from what I read on serebii not only your starters can follow you in your travels, all (yes i said ALL) 493 pokemon are capable of following close behind you while you run around!(1 at a time of course)

Third, its not completely established/ released that kanto is playable in the new games but the newest map they released shows Route 28 by Mt.Silver as a reachable area. Also the map shows a new area west of the national park, it’s name is unknown so far.

Johto Map

More Pokemon News!

They’re getting closer! “Melee! Pokemon Scramble” is an upcoming pokemon game for WiiWare, It dosen’t have turn based combat anymore :D! You start the game out with a low level pokemon, you then have to go through levels were numerous pokemon fight you, when you defeat a pokemon they sometimes drop currency or items. Sometimes they drop toys(which is the way you get more pokemon) you can then use those pokemon if you so choose. But ofcourse when taking 1 step up they take 3 steps back, Your pokemon will only have 2 attacks instead of the normal 4. At the end of each level they’re are bosses, and eventually when you beat the game(I think there is 6-8 levels) you can do multiplayer.  More info at serebii.net
Melee! Pokemon Scramble pics!!!


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  1. notalist Says:

    wait for next version.

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