First Day of Trout Season: Drunk People Are Funny

April 5, 2009

(Now children of the internets, listen(well… read) closely, alcohol is a horrible, horrible thing that you should never experiment with! But…its pretty fun to watch other people get drunk off their ass :P.)
Yes! It is April 4th! First day of trout season, the one day a year i get to spend some time with my grandpa and reel in some fishes. But! But, the night before the 4th of April is probably one of the main reason why I go fishing with my pap. Every year the same old crew shows up at the same old place. Early 20s to mid 30s come to hang out planning to go fishing in the morning but end up getting drunk off their asses then they end up sleeping in.
Well the last few years if come along with my pap…and its been pretty interesting…and I just gotta say witnessing what I’ve seen from this…I’m never touching alcohol…ever! I’ve seen fights go down, People throw up quite a lot, its all quite fun(for me =P)!
Usually its just casual they slowly get drunker but then when the sun goes down, they start breaking out the strong stuff, and their off!
Next thing you know their singing along to Jimmy Buffet and jumping over fire pit! Ooooh i have a story about that that’s horrible( I was fortunately not present for this event). One of the usually guys was drunk and someone else dared him to jump over the fire pit…well he was drunker then he thought. Got a running start and jumped a little to early. Fell in the fire, landed on his hand. Took him like 5 seconds to react and find out that his hand was in the fire, lifted his palm up. A coal was in his palm, they said you could smell the flesh burning! *shiver* I’ve heard this story 3 times and still bugs me.
Last night a guy shook my hand about 4 times…I was like…how many times do i meet these people? It’s always interesting. All I gotta say is…don’t drink and jump over fire…or drink at all.


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